About Denise

Denise is a sacred and inspirational performer dedicated to opening the heart of humankind through sound, story and song.

The early years

Denise was born and raised in a musical family in Ireland where she has lived until recently. With two musical parents, Denise’s early experiences in performing were certainly rich and varied. These early years provided plenty of live experience as a rhythm guitarist, bassist and a vocalist, enabling her to explore her art in folk bands, church choirs, musicals, orchestras and songwriting circles.

In her teenage years, Denise continued her formal music training on bass, piano and voice but it was the art of songwriting that most appealed to her spiritual nature. Her first album ‘Healing Time’ was written throughout her late teens and early twenties and reveals how she used song as her personal diary of life. Denise calls this album her ‘Indigo’ album; this is a term used to describe that part of the spiritual journey that is often filled with inner challenge and opportunity for transformation.

With a great love for travel, Denise used her music as a passport during these years to explore Europe and beyond. With performances in France, Spain, Austria, Germany and North America, she collected her observations of life and continued to build a strong song collection with which she performed.

The inbetween years

Fresh from University in her mid twenties, Denise entered a professional teaching career for a time in Ireland. However this was not to last long as opportunity came knocking from Universal Records Ireland to release her first album in 2004.

This process was a priceless journey for Denise and gave her invaluable experience and insight into the commercial music world. Denise recalls a joyful opportunity to open for the much loved Shania Twain when she came to Ireland.

“I so enjoyed the energy of playing to 25,000 people with a full and fabulous band behind me. The feeling was immense and yet I laughed put loud after the performance, I simply knew it wasn’t the platform for my life’s work.”

Seeing things from the inside out, as she always had done, Denise recognized that the deeper message of her music could be better served as an independent musician and publisher and so began the next chapter.

The Now years

In her late twenties, a severe health condition called Denise to search deep inside herself in way she had never done before. Facing something that the world might call incurable, once again her music became that vehicle for healing and releasing the deep physical pain that she was in. At this huge crossroads, it became obvious to Denise that it was time to write more openly about her long time faith in the divine source of all life.

‘For those who hear…’ is the album that beautifully reveals Denise’s inner world at that time (2006). It seems to give voice to the inner listening of this young woman in a way that most writers would never reveal. It is a delicate and astute observation of her relationship with the divine source of all creation.

“I wrote this album to save my life, I cannot say it more plainly than that. I wrote these songs to comfort my aching heart and to give myself hope for a better day. I was smart enough to know that what was going on inside me was a matter between God and I – I wasn’t expecting a hero outside of me to arrive.”

“I recognized that I was the voice that would determine my survival in this world. I knew that the message I gave myself would either take my life or restore my life – the options were clear to me.”

This beautiful comforting album went world-wide and attracted many invitations to perform at spiritual conferences across the world. With spontaneous weeping of those who would hear this music, Denise came to realize that she truly had found her own hearts power and that she would be able to help other unleash theirs too. This realization naturally led to the creation of ‘Amazing Space’ in 2008, a heart-opening album filled with joyful, peaceful and humorous wisdom on the power of the heart,

During this time Denise also embarked on a wonderful training course in Sound Healing in London, U.K. The joy of remembering this ancient art brought forth in her a greater confidence in her ability to support others through sound. Today she loves to use her crystal bowls and voice to this effect in her live performances. ‘Numinous – A Soundscape for the Soul’ is her 4th release and is an album filled with such sonic medicine (Spring 2011)

The Present Moment and the Days ahead

Denise’s ease and grace with song is the work of one who clearly knows and loves her source to life. Her songs are snapshots of a kinder, gentler and more inspiring world and whilst she loves meditative music in all its expression, she believes that the humble song is her greatest ally in presenting her message to the world.

“Liquid Joy flows through my body when I sing a simple song, it has always been that way. Songs are my teachers, my friends, my counselors and my comediennes; they carry everything that I AM within them.”

“Some people may find this strange at first but I always write to soothe my own being. I write to teach myself, move myself and free myself from limitation; these songs are my inner guides made audible.”

“As for how it impacts the rest of my human family? Well, I Am truly humbled by peoples response to the story and song of my life. It is a great honor to sing and be so lovingly received by many. I discovered that through sharing my life story, I have found my lifes’ song…I Am Blessed.”

Denise looks forward to the presentation of her 4th album during the season of 2011 and 2012. Album number five is already in the making and so the story and song of this vibrant performer seems to keep flowing and guiding us all to a brighter future…